Micro Rabbit

Experience dual stimulation with our Micro Rabbit Vibrator. Ideal for beginners, the petite Rabbit features a single vibration setting to deliver internal and clitoral stimulation for enhanced pleasure.Simply flick the switch on to help arouse your senses until you achieve a blended orgasm.


Mini Bullet

Every woman needs a mini bullet to hand. Small but mighty, this discreet vibrator offers incredible sensations for an unforgettable climax. Ideal for beginners, it makes the perfect addition to both foreplay and solo play.


The Sex Game

This is the ultimate foreplay game for couples, designed to let you and your partner act out a different sexy scenario with every roll of the dice, and it's the perfect way to spice things up during a naughty night in. The box includes the game board, two playing pieces, two dice (a normal one and another with sexy suggestions), twenty four wild sex scenarios and simple instructions.


Strip Bare Fragrance Free Lube (100ml)

A beautifully smooth water-based lubricant, Strip Bare is kind and gentle to the skin. Colour and odour free, it works without leaving a trace of greasiness or stickness. It's safe for use with all condoms and your favourite toys, now in a chic new 100ml bottle.


Buzz Fresh Wipes (10)

Buzz Fresh Wipes are the best way to keep your toys hygienically clean and ready for action. They’re lightly scented and skin-friendly, too. So, this handy pack of 10 wipes will instantly keep you refreshed as well as your toys. Individually sealed, they’re a must for your handbag or your drawer. Our new and improved version are now biodegradable, dispersable and flushable.

Bundle also includes Large Gift Box