My Viv Wellness Bundle


Curved Vibrator

Soft, smooth and sleek curved vibrator, to massage your internal pleasure zone, the G-spot. The G-spot is the internal part of the clitoris, many women find stimulation of this area pleasurable and it may lead to orgasm.


How to use:

Using My Viv lubricant, cover your vibrator at the rounded tip to about halfway down, switch it on and then gently insert the rounded tip into your vagina, pushing in as far as feels comfortable, whilst leaving the lower end (with the buttons) outside of your body. Feel the vibrations, which you can control with the easy-touch buttons, choosing from four speed settings ranging from mild to more intense. You can also select the pulse pattern, finding a rhythm which works for you. We are all different, so you might need a few relaxed sessions to explore and learn what feels lovely.

After use, clean with My Viv Natural Toy Cleaner and ensure it is dry before storage.

Personal Pebble Massager

Designed purely for external stimulation, the smooth Pebble Massager has a range of vibrations to stimulate you and is covered in a soft-touch silicone. The elegant pebble shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand whilst the tapered end is designed to target specific areas of your body.


How to use:

Apply My Viv lubricant to the pebble, leaving the buttons dry. Switch it on, starting with the lowest speed, and hold it against your genital area or anywhere else that feels pleasant. Change the speed and pulses to find a setting that you enjoy. This vibrator is a good choice for those who find penetrative sex uncomfortable, or prefer external stimulation and it can be used in both solo play, or with a partner. We are all different, so take your time, relax and explore your body, and learn what feels pleasurable.


After use, clean with My Viv Natural Toy Cleaner and ensure it is dry before storage.


Bundle also includes My Viv Water Based Lubricacnt and My Viv Toy Claner



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